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Letzte Ermittlungen am Rande der Galaxis


If we are to understand the world at more than a superficial level, it must be through those theories and through reason, and not through our preconceptions, received opinion, or even common sense.

Our best theories are not only truer than common sense, they make far more sense than common sense does. We must take them seriously, not merely as pragmatic foundations for their respective fields, but as explanations of the world. And I believe that we can achieve the greatest understanding if we consider them not singly but jointly, for they are inextricably related.

David Deutsch
Zitat aus dem Vorwort zu "The Fabric of Reality"




Letzte Ermittlungen am Rande der Galaxis oder: das Universum, die Physik und das Loch in der Theorie
WDR 2006 - Erstsendung: 19. Juni 23 Uhr WDR3